Milan is a 21-year-old French photographer and lighting operation assistant at 123 Lighting and Shorditch Studio. 

For the two past years, he has been practicing and improving his skills in photography. his eyes and own creative sensibility have been primordial during his self-teaching process. Thus, last year he took the decision to study at the British Academy of Photography.

More recently Milan signed with Hans Lucas Studio based in Paris to work on documentaries and story telling photography projects.  

Luckily, he had the opportunity to collaborate on a Greenlandic documentary project at the Royal College of Art. For the first time, he worked in collaboration side by side with his sister as a DOP - "One of the most powerful experiences of my life".

His passion is to capture stories which drive his professional ambitions. As well, he feel something special for old techniques - like a record player, high socks or analog cams... Most part of his work has been realising with a canon EF and an EOS1. "The film gives me such a pleasure to capture the light instead of turning the light into pixels."

Let's pull the trigger.