Milan is a 21-year-old French photographer and freelance photography assistant.

Coming from the countryside and so growing up around nature, this environment developed in him a sense of adventure and curiosity regarding the modern society.

Always been part of the extreme sports community (mountain biking, snowboarding, BMX) he loves and needs to get his shot of adrenaline. “Being right on the edge is my motor”

At the age of 18, Milan moved to London in order to study English and thus Photography. He’s been revealing a new urban and underground lifestyle which led him to the universe of fashion. Milan worked for a rental lighting company and photographic studios which gave him the skills to assist and produce his own shoot in studios/locations. Moreover, he’ll be soon graduated from the British Academy of Photography.

Luckily, he had the opportunity to collaborate on a Greenlandic documentary project at the Royal College of Art. For the first time, he worked in collaboration as a DOP - "One of the most powerful experiences of my life".This project led him to sign with Hans Lucas Studio based in Paris to produce documentaries and storytelling photography images.  

His passion is to capture stories which drive his life. Always had an old school soul, most part of his personal work is made on film, 35mm and medium format. "The film gives me such a pleasure to capture the light instead of turning the light into pixels." and keeps digital for any commercial work.

Let's pull the trigger.